I can’t believe it. I might be giving up coffee. This is sort of sudden, but here I am seriously considering the removal of this black gold from my life. Clearly this is not something I want to do. OK, I really don’t want to do it because I LOVE COFFEE. To be honest I have not made up my mind yet, but the story is worth telling even at this stage. 

Here is how this all started. Well, first I need to tell you about something else that might seem unrelated but is a major part of this story. Around 15 years ago I started having the strangest experience that has persisted until this day (literally even as I am writing this). I smell something that is not there. This smell is so real that I can taste it. It makes my eyes feel buggy and it makes my mind feel fuzzy. I have “suffered” from this for so long I have just come to the conclusion that this is my life. It comes and goes but it comes more than it goes. It really stinks (pun intended). I have prayed much as well as making many attempts to find a trigger or medical ailment that causes it with no real answers. 

Now, it was 1 week and 2 days ago when I felt the gentle nudge from the Lord to take a fast from coffee and caffeine in general. By gentle I mean just that; no heavy conviction, nothing major, just a nudge from the Spirit. Without too much contemplation I obeyed. Day one was ok. This was not the first time I had gone 24 hours without coffee, however, it may be the first time in a long time that I went 24 hours without caffeine. 

Day two was a completely different story. Let me tell you, when the withdrawal kicked in it was not fun at all. It was WAY worse than I expected. This reaction by itself was a real eye opener. My body’s adverse reaction had all the markings of a true drug addiction withdrawal, and if we are honest with each other it was. This made me start to think that I may need to give this up for good. But, of course I was just fasting so 100% planned on starting back up as soon as the fast was over. 

I had committed to a week that also included sugar, carbs, and processed foods. I must say that by day 6 I was actually feeling pretty good. But on day 7, I indulged myself once again in that tasty bitter drink. But now I felt a conviction from the Spirit. Not a nudge, but true conviction. In addition to the conviction that has lasted even until now, half way through the day I was not feeling nearly as good as I had the day before. It was noticeable to say the least. 

But here is the thing that hit me today that is just mind blowing. I did not have my phantom smelling problem during my fast. For years I have prayed and asked the Lord to take away this mysterious smelling curse thing away to no avail. But for at least the last 3-4 days of this fast it was gone. 

Is this coincidental? Maybe. I am going to test it. Is it coffee or caffeine or both? I don’t know. Can I still drink tea? Does it have to be caffeine free herbal tea. Don’t know. But I will be trying some different things to try and figure that out.  

So here is the reason I am writing this. Not to try and convict you regarding coffee. Not to give you a caffeine guilt trip. I promise I don’t have any desire or place to talk to you about that, nor do I believe it is anyone’s place to judge another in this so that is not it at all. 

What I want is to simply encourage you to obey. To listen when the Spirit nudges in your life. To do what God tells you to do - EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO. 

Coffee and caffeine where not on my radar AT ALL! Not to give up and not as being tied to this stupid smelly issue I have in anyway. But now they are. This has eluded me for so long. I am not sure yet, but I know God started me down this road. I know that to obey God and follow His leading is WAY better than anything I can or will do on my own. And I want to encourage you to do the same. 

Get close to Jesus. Read His word. Talk to God in times of prayer. Spend time with His people. Give as God leads and OBEY THE SPIRIT as He speaks to you. 

One last point. This all started so naturally, but as I look back I can see a chain of small events that all fit together to bring me here. A prayer for closeness. A desire to hear His voice. More time spent in His word with a desire to obey, and here I am seriously contemplating a change I would have laughed at and fought you over just 2 weeks ago. 

Trust your Heavenly Father. Follow His Spirit. Obey and see what He might do in your life. I do hope you get to keep drinking coffee.... or not. Whatever. Christ and Him Crucified. 

To Be Continued.