Wait, What?

I was at dinner with a group of guys when the conversation moved into the expanse of the universe and the awe that this generated in the mind of one particular person at the table. After some discussion I asked him if he believed in God. His initial answer was, "I really don't want to go there, but I can say I don't think I believe in a god the way you do."I encouraged him we should "go there" and asked him to explain what his view was. He explained a point of view that is very "New Age" in it's essence (although he himself did not really know that). He had a real issue believing in a "God who controlled everything and decreed the death of babies and suffering of people in this world". Wait, what? I questioned him, "you think the God of the bible has determined the destiny of every one and everything?",  I asked if he was struggling with The age old questions of how a God that is in control, allows such suffering in this world when He could stop it? I said, "this is the issue of the problem of evil in the world". But he explained it's more the problem of a creator that determines evil that He has an issue with. He couldn't understand how an all loving and all powerful God could choose some for Hell and others for Heaven. Not that he said it this way, but the very idea offended his God given conscience. I told Him that idea offended me too! And I went on to explain the Gospel and try to correct his view of who the bible declares God to be (although I was not really given the time or opportunity to do this thoroughly) He did hear the basics.

 As I have reflected on this conversation I realized that this guy may had clearly received his understanding of who the God of the bible is from those that hold an unbiblical view of God's sovereignty that Calvinism teaches. All 5 points of it. TULIP is based on an extreme and unbiblical view of the doctrine of God's sovereignty. It elevates it beyond the scriptures while ignoring and denying many of God's attributes and scriptures regarding His Love, Mercy, Kindness etc. And here is the effect - a stumbling block to this person who needs Jesus. A person who will perish if they do not place their trust in Him who bore the SINS OF THE WORLD (1John 2:2), not just those God has predetermined He will save. The truth is that this peculiar doctrine called Calvinism (often referred to as the doctrines of grace) are not only unbiblical and dangerous inside the church - but harmful outside as well. John 3:16 - For God So love the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that WHOSOEVER believes in Him will not perish but have ever lasting life.Pray for Jason. He is a whosoever.