World View

The term “world view” is a central topic of the 2nd Core Value for us here @ FBC. Most people have probably heard the term, but many do not really know what it means. Have you ever wondered how someone can hear the same speech from a Presidential Candidate and come away with a completely different opinion than you? Or how other people see major social issues in such a completely different way? It all boils down to tour world views. 

At the core of everyone’s world view there resides a set of absolutes. I would venture to say that the majority of people have not taken the time to examine their own world view and the reasons for it, let alone the absolutes it’s built on. Some world views are even held up by the absolute that there are no absolutes. But all of them have a some combination of experience, personal preference, religious influence and cultural beliefs. As well as the influence of movies, music the education system and focused advertisement. 

What ever it may be, everyone has a world view. We are all interpreting the world around us from a view point that is shaped by our core beliefs. By our absolutes. Your world view is like a pair of glasses. And all the information about the world around you is filter through the lens of those glasses. Like the saying - “looking at the world through rose colored glasses”. 

So as a christian, what shapes my world view. What kind of glasses do I wear? 

The easy answer is a “biblical” world view. And this is true, however it goes a little deeper than that. I would say I have a Godly world view. That is a world view that has it’s absolutes fixed firmly in WHO GOD IS. Of course the bible is the source of this knowledge and therefore a biblical world view is also the correct answer. 

I would suggest however that my trust is in the one who said it! Romans 8:28 says “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose”. This is an amazing promise of scripture. It’s one that I think of often and and am so thankful for. But it only has power because of the one who said it. Because God declared it. 

My world view as a Christian is firmly fixed on the absolutes of who God is. It's rooted In His attributes. God is Holy. He is full of mercy, grace and truth. He is patient. He possesses all wisdom. He is Just. He is always right. God is omniscient (knows everything) Omnipotent (has all the power) and is omnipresent (is everywhere at the same time). He is good. He is faithful. He is immutable (never changes). God is Light and He is Love.

As a follower of Jesus, these are the absolutes that shape my world view. 

What shapes yours?