"Hark the Herald"

Hark! the herald angels sing "glory to the newborn King!" Peace on earth, and mercy mild God and sinners reconciled, joyful all ye nations rise join the triumph of the skies with th'angelic host proclaim "Christ is born in Bethlehem." Hark! the herald angels sing "glory to the newborn King!"

Am I alone in saying, "I LOVE CHRISTMAS?" I love everything about it. I love the trimmings.  The traditions and the turkey. I love special times with family and friends. I love giving and getting gifts. And I love singing Christmas songs!!
I can however find it difficult with all of these things to keep my eyes on the real reason for the season. As I was thinking about one of my favorite Christmas songs, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, I wanted to take a minute and reflect on the main reason for this season that is so properly displayed in this wonderful Christmas Classic. 
Glory to the newborn King!! The entire reason for this celebration is to give Glory to Jesus our King. Jesus of course did not stay a baby. He grew up, living a sinless life, dying a sinner's death and rising victoriously over the grave. Jesus came that night into this world to save us from our sins. And Christmas is all for Him. It's ok for me to love all the things that come along with the celebration, but I have to remember that Christmas is not about me, it is all about Him. It is for the Glory of the newborn King!! 
So this Christmas season, as you put up your tree, hang you Christmas lights and sing your favorite songs, make sure that you remember who we are celebrating and make much of His name as you go through the season and bring Glory to our King!    

Pastor Adam MaloneyComment