Find Their Own Way

I recently had a conversation with a mom regarding her children and "religion". She said she would be interested in sending them to our church to "expose" them to Christianity. She said she wanted to let them "find their own way". Unfortunately I did not have much of an opportunity to talk with her about this statement, but when I suggested that she come with her kids on Sunday to my disappointment she said, "oh no, not me; just them". 

The fact is that faith, religion, morals, and life have become relative in the minds of this culture. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right. Do what makes you happy as long as you don't "hurt" anyone is the creed of the day. All religion is the same, choose the one that fits your liking or non at all. Even though this mom would probably disagree with these statements to some degree, her actions say otherwise and her kids will likely have an even greater bend in this direction from her example. This issue of moral relativism is not going anywhere soon. It is something the church needs to learn to deal with and fast. 

So how do we help this mom and so many others see that all faith is not equal. That Christianity is the one truth that stands alone. That Jesus is the only way to eternal life.

I don't believe we have a "relevant" issue, But I do believe the church is struggling with the culture of today. We are afraid to love some because we think that would be accepting their sin. We are afraid to share with some because we don't want to offend. To often we are shouting when we should be listening intently, and quiet when we should roar like a lion. We have either forgotten this is not our home, or exactly what our mission is as ambassadors for Christ.

It seems that so many churches and so many christians today look, sound and act just like the world. Many are doing it on purpose. The argument they say is that we need to be relevant and show them we are no different. I would argue that's the problem not the solution. Jesus called us out of this world. We are supposed to be different. Not weird. Not hateful. Not out of touch, but most certainly different. We should show a love they have never seen before. We should shine God's grace and mercy like search lights in a dark world. We should stand for righteousness and hate what is evil. We should call sin for what it is and forgive recklessly. We should proclaim the name of Jesus and the saving power of His Gospel while we live like we believe it! Maybe the reason this mom and so many don't see a difference is because we are not living any different.