When I am Weak - He is Strong

This last Sunday was such an example of this truth. Friday night I came down with a nasty cold. It was so bad Saturday that I could not say three words out loud without coughing violently!! I sent a text out to many for prayer. I found myself awake around 3am on Sunday morning. I was feeling horrible. As I laid there I felt the Lord ministering to me, when you are weak, I am strong. I found myself asking God to deliver the message and submitting to Him in it completely. I am willing to be weak Lord. I am willing to be foolish if Your name will be lifted high!! 

Sunday morning finally came. I was not feeling AS bad as the day before but not good either. I continued in prayer that morning and went to church to finish getting ready. As I went to the pulpit I just knew God was in it and I felt very confident that He would show Himself strong. The message was preached with power and no one would have even guessed I was sick. 

Just as soon as we left church that afternoon after feeling pretty good through it all, I fell off the cliff and felt awful the rest of the night. God showed up and carried me through! It was 100% all Him!! 

And that is the way it should be. Lord may you be strong in my weakness. May your name be glorified in all that I do. Thank you for all that you are doing in our midst at FBC! 


In His Grace Alone;

Pastor Adam

Pastor Adam MaloneyComment