My wife's name is Gale and we have been married for 52 years with 4 children and 13 Grand Children.  I received my college education at Kansas City Bible College, which is now Calvary Bible College, Mott, and Flint Bible Institute.   I am amazed that God has given me the privilege to be in the Pastorate for much of my life.  19 years serving right here at FBC as Youth & Asst. Pastor.  We left to be Senior Pastor at two churches in Auburn Hills and Lake Orion, and after over 12 years serving in those churches we have the privilege to come back to FBC to be the Senior Adult Director.  We work with the Senior Adults, a vital and very active group, within the congregation.  They call themselves the "Prime Timers."  My personal mission Statement for the Prime Timers is,  Trusting Christ, Yesterday, today and tomorrow.